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How to Properly Phrase Training Objectives

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Writing Objectives
Part 1
In a Word document, identify what is wrong with each of the following training objectives:
1. To be aware of the safety rules for operating the ribbon-cutting machine in three minutes.
2. Given a personal computer, a table and a chair, enter the data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
3. Use the World Wide Web to learn about training practices.
4. Given a street address in the city of Dublin, Ohio, be able to drive the ambulance from the station to the address
in less than 10 minutes.
Part 2
Underneath your descriptions, rewrite each objective correctly. Your answer should be prepared using Microsoft
Word, be at least 75 words, and be sure to cite all the sources used according to APA format.

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1) Key transitional words such as become, are missing from this training objective. This makes this training objective wording insufficient, due to the fact that the absence of at least one important word, causes there to be a deficiency in the description of the process that is involved in achieving the training objective of operating the ribbon cutting machine in three-minutes. This training objective should be rewritten as "The objective of this training is for the trainee to become aware of the safety rules, for operating the ribbon cutting machine within a 3 minute time frame.

2) The key ...

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This solution describes the proper method by which to phrase training objectives.

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