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    important training session

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    Suppose you are a Senior Training Consultant called in to assist a more junior colleague who is responsible for an important training session. Discuss what types of evidence and information you would look for to determine whether a needs analysis had been properly and thoroughly conducted. What would you wish to see and what would you ask your colleague and the organization who requested the training?

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    First, I would ask the organization that was requesting training to explain to me the policies of the company that feel are covered in the training program. If there is an organizational change, a change in organizational structure, or major change in training programs, I would like to know about it. If there is a major diversification planned or an acquisition, I must know about it.

    To assess if needs analysis has been done properly and thoroughly conducted, I will examine if observation of the employee performance has been done properly. I will go through the checklist and evaluate if proper firsthand knowledge has been obtained. Next, I will find out if interviews ...

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