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Discussing Future Training and Development Problems

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Consider what future skills may be needed in your organization.

I do not have an organization/job to discuss of my own, so my instructor suggested I get an opinion from someone who could help me with this. Listed below are some of the future skills we are to pick from if they pertain to the organization.

1. Delivering and packaging training in different formats for beginners and experts
2. Use of assessments to determine trainees learning styles
3. Matching training content and methods to local culture of the workforce
4. Use of multimedia tools, including audio, video, Webcasts, and live action
5. Developing and delivering learning that is integrated into the job
6. Facilitating learning and staying in touch with employees

Briefly discuss how your organization should respond and prepare for future training and development programs.

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Different types of organization need different types of training for skills development. Those training skills must achieve the objectives of the organization to improve their personnel (manpower), services (Personnel-Clients relation) or products.


Preparing, delivering and packaging trainings requires several processes. Carrying out the Organizational Mission-Vision-Objectives-Target (MVOT) must be the conveyed in these processes. Lowering the down the MVOT to specific training, activities and steps will help determine the different formats. The training design itself should provide the format and level, whether that certain activity/training is for the beginners or for the experts. Let give you some simple steps how training are developed and implemented in organizations:
a. CONDUCTING TRAINING NEED SURVEY (TNS). The administrators who are understood to be the foreseers, implementer and leaders must conduct a survey(written questionnaire can help large organization or oral/verbal survey) to determine the need. The result of the survey will show which area must be included in beginner's package and which is for the experts.
b. DRAFTING A TRAINING DESIGN. Based on the result of ...

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The following problem discusses future training and development problems.

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I just wanted to see if you can help me head towards the right direction. I'm looking more for info on the design and development bullet points. I just need a jump start on this.

I am using Kinden Corporation as an organization.

** You can use the attached chapters as well.**
Thank you.

Prepare a paper using a Learning Team member's organization, or one with which you are familiar, and have access to the necessary information in order to identify an issue that can be improved by developing a training program. Use the five-step process below to develop the appropriate training program:

â?¢ Needs assessment: What are the training needs?

â?¢ Design: How might the training materials be created?

â?¢ Development: What is the training medium? Training mediums include internal, external, contracted, or outsourced.

â?¢ Implementation: How might the training be delivered?

â?¢ Evaluation: How might you evaluate the effectiveness of the training? Also, how might you reinforce and sustain the training?

â?¢ Use at least five references from the reading assignments, Internet articles, Electronic Reserve Reading articles, or HR journal articles in the paper.

Note: Include an explanation of how these programs might contribute to maintaining a high performance organization.

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