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Telecommuting to JetBlue in an Emergency Situation

Identify JetBlue's core competency prior to February 14th and discuss whether or not JetBlue exemplified this core competency during the February 14th incident and afterwards.

Article: http://www.cioinsight.com/case-studies/what-really-happened-at-jetblue/

What role did JetBlue's business strategy play in the February 14th incident? Was JetBlue's IT strategy aligned with its business strategy and core competency? Explain and support your answers.

Explain and support what role telecommuting played within the case?

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JetBlue's core competency prior to February 14 was to do "whatever they can to make sure the flight is completed". This is a great concept in theory and will make customers happy but it backfired on Feb. 14. JetBlue did exemplify this core competency prior to Feb 14 and this was proven by their great successful and increasing profits. However after ...

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230+ words explain an airline's strategies with dealing with a surprise ice storm on Valentine's Day and how telecommuting came into play.