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    Ethical behavior by Jet Blue

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    Need help Choosing a positive example from the past ten years of a business organization whose leaders acted ethically when they encountered an ethical dilemma.

    *Select the business organization
    *Describe the ethical decision making and actions in the organization
    *What Ethical framework was applied
    *Positive and Negative Consequences

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    The company chosen for this assignment is Jet Blue. Few years back, Jet Blue faced an ethical dilemma when its flight were delayed and passengers faced lot of trouble and inconvenience due to snowstorm in Northeast USA. In wake of this incident, CEO Neeman acted ethically and not only issued public apology for mishandling this situation, but also announced compensation to the flyers as well as introduced ...

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    The solution discusses ethical behavior by Jet Blue CEO Neeman during crisis situation. The positive and negative consequences are given.