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Important information about Research Methodology

Finalize the research methodology you will employ in the following:

Gathering and using the most helpful quality web and other written resources for researching and carrying out the project, especially from industry sources.

Collecting and recording all data needed for the project, particular attention needs to be paid to the time frame for gathering and collecting data

Gathering documentation to support each claim and component of the project

Explain your final plan to keep all project materials organized for the duration of the project. Will you have a database? Will you have a file organizer?

Explain the key time management skills you will employ to meet your deliverables for the scope of the capstone project.

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// Before finalizing the research methodology which we will use for the given project we will discuss the the importance of the particular research methodology and also the need for a research method.//


Research methods are very helpful in doing research work because they save lot of time, cost and efforts required to perform a particular project. Employing a good research methodology will help the organizations to achieve the desired results in lesser time and with greater ease. Being a researcher, one must keep in mind all the important instructions, which must be followed strictly. There are number of methods available in the market for doing a research, but we must select only one method on the basis of our convenience and its cost effectiveness. A method which is not easy to use and is complex must not be selected because it may create problems for the researcher in gathering useful information and people will find it difficult to interpret and use (Bryman, and Bell, 2007).

Research must be done in the presence of some experienced and qualified person, so that if there is a problem, it can be easily sorted out. Doing research without any help from an experienced person will only make the research a complex procedure. Use of technology should be highly encouraged since technology will definitely reduce the effort of the researcher and the result will also be very precise and specific. Using all the possible methods will increase the efficiency of the research because there will be inputs from all the relevant resources. This will increase the facts in the research and the report will be supported by large amount of logical facts. Therefore, the research method, which we decided to use, will ultimately affect our results because it depends on the type of the method and technology used.

// In the following section, we have talked about various sources, which we can use for our research project. We have thoroughly discussed the sources like books and magazines, which can be used as reliable sources for various data.//

Gathering resources: Among all the methods available for collecting information from various sources, ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1393 words with references.