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The Importance of Adaptability in Business

I would like to put some stress on adaptability as a necessary trait for doing business internationally. People who are fixed in their routines are unlikely to last long overseas since they will be unable to adapt to new situations, environments, foods and customs. Such people are likely to contribute to the currently high expatriate failure rate. The expatriate failure rate refers to the percentage of expats who have to be repatriated before the end of their scheduled time abroad. Currently, it runs at between 16% and 40% according to an article at the following link.

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I would agree that adaptability is absolutely necessary for being successful in business domestically or internationally. In respect to doing business internationally, it is absolutely essential that expatriates as well as the leaders and staff in multinational business organizations, engage in developing mindsets that are very open ...

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The solution describes the importance of adaptability in conducting business overseas.