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    Networking for Career Success

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    How is networking necessary for building a successful career? Identify the networking strategy you think is the most effective for the job search, and which strategy you think is most effective for ongoing professional development. Explain why.

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    Networking is about connecting with real humans and this strategy has been in existence for a long time. We may not know it but when we start building authentic relationships with others, we have started networking. These people who know us as a person are the ones who would vouch for our credentials and character in a certain job.
    So, why is networking essential to career success? The formal job market follows a certain procedure, e.g., job searching entails a lot of applications from ...

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    Networking is explained for the formal and informal job market, and reasons why networking can greatly help in job success. Examples of networking strategies that can help find a job and examples of networking strategies that can help one grow professionally are determined. The solution is 359 words with three non-APA references.