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Factors influenceing organizational change

Could you give me some help in explaining this question. How would you try to analyze the impact on employee motivation of a new goal or objective? Think of this in the context of an objective like: Increase sales be 15% in the Midwest in the first quarter, or reduce direct cost of production by five dollars per product produced.

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When an organization establishes new goals or objectives, there are new inputs and outputs required. It is those inputs and outputs that impact employees.
Inputs may include new materials, new training initiatives, new processes or simply new sets of expectations. Outputs are the final products, either goods or services the employee is expected to produce. Outputs also include rewards and the level of employee satisfaction that is gained. The impact the new goals or objective have on the employee depend on many factors related to inputs ...

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This summary of processes involved in organizational change focuses on how issues of resistance and employee training are addressed.