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    Identifying Two Success Mergers and Contributing Factors

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    Examine the successes and failures of mergers by addressing the following:

    a) Identify two organizations that have successfully merged.

    b) Describe the factors that you think contributed to the success of the merger identified.

    c) Hypothesize about two organizations that you think would create a successful merger based on factors such as culture, finance, locations, etc.

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    T Mobile and AT&T merged successfully or are in the process.

    The marketing genius of T Mobile along with the excellence of customer service, the balance of accounts, and good labor relations on helped on the T Mobile side. Integrating this with the financial assets, longevity, partnerships and contracts with top companies in the industry and beyond make A T & T an excellent partner. Each organization has strengths as ...

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    The solution identifies two success mergers and contributing factors.