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    Pretend that you run a Subway at a shopping mall. Your location has been open for 12 months and business is slow, so stockholders are putting pressure on your business to improve. Although the business originally started out well, sales have slumped over the past quarter. You are starting to get heat from stakeholders regarding that drop in sales. You have identified that the current sales force is simply not getting the job done. You have been given limited resources and do not want to fire the current staff and hire a new one.

    Consult https://www.mysubwaycareer.com/

    Develop a plan for increasing sales through more effective sales management. Address the following in your plan:

    1. Develop a policy for appropriate employee behavior and appearance. Explain how the tenets of this policy can affect customer perception and sales.

    2. Analyze strategies unique to managing your sales team, and explain how you will implement these strategies to increase sales.

    3. Create a work schedule that meets the needs of your personnel, consumers, and organizational objectives. Discuss why it is important to consider individual employee needs when developing a work schedule.

    4. Conclusion

    For future reference, consult: https://www.mysubwaycareer.com

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    At Subway we encourage all staff members to dress appropriately for work. The attire of employees plays an important role in a company says Jensen (2011). It is the belief that if employees dress casual, it implies that the company promotes a casual attitude, which in turn implies a lazy work ethics. You are the first people the customer sees when they walk into the store and we want to promote an atmosphere of order and organization. As a result all employees will wear the company uniform at all times. Uniforms should be maintain and kept clean. Employees should not show up at work in dirty uniforms. All employees are expected to have a positive and friendly personality while on the job. Having a friendly appearance will invite people over to want to see what is making you so happy. Let eh customers see you happily preparing their food as though it is your pleasure to serve them. If you do not have a friendly disposition when customers enter, they will turn away. We want customers to see us as a friendly, caring, and loving company, so we expect that your personalities will be accordingly. It has been proven says Jensen that being friendly, proper dress code and appropriate behavior are linked to sales increase in companies.

    We will implement five strategies in order to ...

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