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    Strategic Marketing: Services Marketing Training Programs

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    You are hired as a consultant to a management training program. Managers come from manufacturing, retail, food service, banking, insurance, hotel, and education industries.

    The president of the company is paying you a five-figure sum to read these 2 articles (plus others you might like) and then write a memo on this question:

    'We just read that services marketing should be covered in a separate training program because managers of service companies face a whole different set of challenges. Please advise us on (a) whether you think the difference calls for separate courses for services and non-services and (b) what 3 topics are most important for services managers and why.

    We're paying you a lot of money so we don't want a wishy-washy answer. We want clear business writing. We want clear logic and reasoning because we have to sell our ideas to the Board. We don't want a rehash of these articles but we do want you to reference them. We don't like Wikipedia as a reference. Above all, do not copy from any published material. We can't afford a plagiarism scandal.'


    Write a memo to the company president. Take a strong position and answer all parts of the question. Follow the guidelines in the instructions and cite sources.

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    I have given you the basic outline of the needs. I have also used another cite in the body. You will want to establish the introduction and the conclusion for the paper and make sure that the outline presented has all the information you feel is necessary.

    While most of the training would be the same, selling what the company is offering, a few areas will be different and the training will need to accommodate those needs. Prices for products are usually stable and only when preferred customers or bulk buyers order goods are they priced lower. Learning about the product and how it can be used is specialized for training purposes, but sales of products for a company change little. Distribution issues for products may be a training challenge and contain a learning curve.

    Pricing will be different for services because no matter how one standardizes a service, there are usually issues that arise. This leads to a need for teaching how to sell the service and add ons. Selling up or upgrades for products are easy because they can be seen, ...

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    This solution provides a memo to the company president that argues why service marketing should have a separate training program.