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Tactics and Strategies for Business Planning

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Tactics and Strategies paper
An event Planning business .... previous work is attached.
Write a 700-1050-word paper in which you add your strategies and tactics to implement and realize your strategic objectives, measures, and targets. Be sure that you include marketing and information technology strategies and tactics. Also develop at least three methods to monitor and control your proposed strategic plan, being sure to analyze how the measures will advance organizational goals financially and operationally. Finally, recommend actions needed to address ethical, legal and regulatory issues faced by the organization, and how they can improve corporate citizenship.

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The solution examines tactics and strategies for business planning.

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Tactics and Strategies for an Event Planning Business

In order to transform the strategies into reality it is necessary for the organizations to set some strategic objectives. These strategic objectives are an integral part of the organizations, so these target and measures of the company should be prepared according to the mission, vision and value statement of the organization (Wheelen & Hunger, 2006). As the firm is related to the event planning business, of the management of the firm should be touch with the innovative changes in the industry and preferences of the customers to turn their dreams into reality (Birnbaum, 2009).
These concepts are very helpful to guide the management and employee to follow an appropriate path, so that they can easily achieve the goals hierarchy. By this way the event planning business firm can utilize the maximum benefits of the available resources (Wheelen & Hunger, 2006). It is necessary for the event planning firm to evaluate that the strategic objectives and targets and measures of the company are measurable, realistic and achievable within the time limit.
Strategies and Tactics for the Event Planning Firm
In this highly competitive business environment and technological word, preference of customer is continuously changing. All the business organizations are carving to comprehend their strategic objectives to maintain their competitive position in the industry and serve their customers with best possible solution (Wheelen & Hunger, 2006). There are several strategies that can be used by the event management organization to achieve their objectives as per the mission and values of the company. Some of the important strategies are as follow:
Marketing Strategies: Due to the changing in the fashion and ...

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