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    Service Marketing vs. Product Marketing

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    How is marketing different for a service, as opposed to marketing a product?

    Your competition is not the best place to start when trying to define new product ideas and needs. What is your response to that statement? Do you agree or disagree?

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    A service is something intangible that you offer the market and that no one knows what to expect, while a product is something tangible that customers can see even before it is made available. Consequently, marketing for either is certainly going to be different. Because a service is basically intangible, marketing for services primarily focus on value. It compels the buyer to consider why she cannot live without the service and how she would be making a mistake by not buying it. Of course buyers want to be reassured that they are in fact not making a making by purchasing the service. Therefore, one way to provide this assurance is to offer ...

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    This solution discusses the difference between service marketing and product marketing. It also discusses what businesses can learn from their competitors.