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    Find an article in the newspaper that appears to be planted for the benefit of some person or company/organization

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    I am looking for a story in the newspaper that appears to be planted for the benefit of some person or company/organization. You probably won't find it on the front page, which most often contains "hard news." You'll probably need to look in the Arts section, Business section, or Lifestyle section.

    Note that the mere presence of the article is designed to attract favorable attention towards the subject, which could result in phone calls, web site activity, attendance, etc. It is also unlikely that a newspaper reporter thought it up on their own (that is, it was probably "pitched" as story idea to them).

    Can you include the story and a very brief synopsis stating why you think it is a planted story.

    Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated.

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    An article from NY Times and a brief synopsis is below.


    Below is an article taken from today's technology review columns of New York Times. It's about the Mozilla Firefox browser which is known as the most popular web browser after Internet Explorer. Mozilla seems like a non profit organization "not a company"; but it's supported by the greatest rivals of Microsoft such as Sun MicroSystems and Netscape. This story doesn't look like the personal choice or opinion of the author. Because it looks like a product specifications summary and the ...

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    The planted for the benefit of some person or company/organizations are determined. You will find the answer to this puzzling question inside...