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    Marketing: Strengths and Weaknesses of an Organization

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    With regard to "Fair Trade Marketing: An Alternative System for Globalization and Development," how can the apparent conflict between marketing management's emphasis on consumer satisfaction be reconciled with the tenets of fair trade, wherein disadvantaged members of the supply chain are given some priority?

    "Organizing for Worldwide Effectiveness: the Transnational Solution" suggests that technical and marketing functions be integrated within each subsidiary of any organization. What are the strengths of such an organization? What are the weaknesses or pitfalls?

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    The organization focused on fair trade may face several challenges. One of those challenges is meeting customer demands and expectations, while considering fair trade principles, and particularly, the effect on suppliers and intermediaries. The interests of both stakeholders may be very different, particularly when features and characteristics consumers want do not necessarily support fair trade and sustainability. Consumer satisfaction is important for profitability. At the same time, considering how to benefit supply chain intermediaries may be important to the organization's mission.

    To begin blending both interests and reducing conflicts, the right target markets should be identified. This can be difficult, when an organization is faced with challenges such as confusion about products and lack of awareness (Wynne, 2008). More consumers are becoming aware of fair trade principles and products available. Even discount retail stores now carry fair trade products. However,discount retail stores are often focused on price and keeping prices low for consumers. ...

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    The strengths and weaknesses of an organization for marketing.