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marketing questions

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1. The "universal" functions of marketing _____.

a. are usually performed in the same way and by the same type of institutions in all macro-marketing systems
b. can sometimes be eliminated in very efficient macro-marketing systems
c. must be performed in both market directed and planned economic systems
d. must all be performed by every firm at the micro-marketing level
e. all of the above

2. _____ is the best example of management thinking during the production era.

a. If we can produce it, customers will buy it,
b. We need to be selective and produce what customers want,
c. We need to increase our sales effort to sell what we produce,
d. Production provides time, place, and possession utility,
e. The more we advertise, the more we sell,

3. _____ is not likely to be found in a company with a marketing orientation.

a. The company designs its packaging as a selling tool
b. The company uses marketing research to see if it is satisfying its customers
c. The company sees customer credit as a service
d. The company focuses on locating new opportunities
e. The company sells whatever it can make

4. In contrast to mass marketing, target marketing _____.

a. is limited to small market segments
b. assumes that all customers are basically the same
c. ignores markets that are large and spread out
d. ignores the need for the firm to obtain a competitive advantage
e. none of the above

5. Good market segments are those that are _____.
a. homogeneous between the segments
b. heterogeneous within the segments
c. operational and substantial
d. international in nature
e. all of the above

6. Too much aggregating in market segmenting _____.

a. leaves the firm vulnerable to competitors
b. is usually not a very serious error because it results in economies of scale
c. ignores the criterion that product-market segments should be substantial
d. b. and c. are both true
e. all the above are true

7. According to the GE strategic planning grid, an opportunity which is low on the business
strength dimension but high on the industry attractiveness should be _____.

a. sold off or discontinued
b. viewed as a high growth opportunity
c. immediately supported with large investment
d. called a strategic business unit
e. supported if it is an existing business, but probably not supported if it is a new opportunity

8. _____ is a consumer market demographic dimension.

a. Stage in life cycle
b. Geographic distribution
c. Household composition
d. Income distribution
e. All of the above

9. When studying consumer needs, a marketer should _____.

a. try to understand how the marketing mix can satisfy a set of needs, rather than only one
b. realize that he or she cannot create needs, merely identify them
c. know that total consumer satisfaction is not likely
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

10. Cathy, Barnwell, director of procurement at Lansing Glass, Inc., must approve every purchase order, and Tom Glendinin, purchasing manager, must authorize any sales rep who wants to talk to a Lansing employee. Cathy and Tom are acting as _____ and _____ respectively.

a. influencer and user
b. gatekeeper and influencer
c. buyer and decider
d. user and gatekeeper
e. decider and gatekeeper

1. Discuss the types of utilities that marketing provides, list those types that would apply to the products/services provided by your "business" and indicate how they apply to that business.

2. Define and discuss the differences between Micro and Macro Marketing, and discuss the importance of Micro Marketing to your "business".

3. List/discuss the 4 P=s of marketing as they would apply to your "business@.

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marketing questions

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1 A
2 C
3 E
4 E
5 C
6 A
7 E
8 E
9 D
10 E

1 I do not know what your business is. In general, marketing provides the following general utilities:
Satisfy basic daily needs, fulfill or improve a customer's self image, and the form, place, ...

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