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Marketing: handle sales objections, enhance selling functions, global CRM program

1)What is the most effective way to handle sales objections?
2)How does technology enhance selling functions?
3)What factors should be important for a company that wants to develop a global CRM program?

Explain your answers.

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Dear Student,

1) Effective way to handle sales objections:
1) Hear the person and listen fully.
2) Give a feedback of your understanding the objection, for confirmation.
3) Recognise it as the true objection.
4) Gently question and explore the objection.
5) Answer the objection politely.
6) Check and test for satisfaction that the objection has been dealt with.
7) Reorient the person to his criteria of values and lead into a close.

Don't s
a. Never Argue with the prospect.
b. Never attack the prospect.
c. Understand the objection clearly.
d. Never insult the prospect.
e. Never shift responsibility
f. Never make the prospect wrong.
g. Never contradict the prospect.
h. Never guess an answer.

Out of this, it is very difficult to say which is most effective. However, in general, we need to listen and understand the problem and politely give a convincing response to the prospect. At no point, should we underestimate or irritate the prospect.

2) Technology ...

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The solution gives a list of 15 do's and don't s in handling sales objections. The other two questions are answered with comprehensive responses including explanations of five factors about developing a global CRM program.