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Marketing in a Global Environment

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Marketing in a global environment brings with it some unique challenges. Assume that you are with Kellogg's Cereal Company. You have decided to enter the market in a new country.

What are some things to consider when entering a new market? What are some recommendations as to how Kellogg's in particular should enter the market and what strategies should be considered so that the cereal products are effectively introduced upon entry into the market?

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The customer and the culture are the two most important considerations. Understanding what the consumer already has available, what is traditional, and what can be introduced to be compatible should be considered. Traditional cereal types and products might be similar, but they might be different. For example, while Americans eat cereal with milk, other countries may use yogurt or other substances with their cereal. Not every cereal will be accepted. In many countries culture takes precedence in both food choices and marketing choices.

Appealing to tastes and food choices can be different. Using branding as it is used ...

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Marketing in a global environment is provided. The effectively introduced upon entry into the market are given.

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