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    Marketing Campaign for Two Wheeler

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    The United States is experiencing inflation, increased unemployment and escalating gas prices. The 71-year-old SPAM brand is associated with hard times, and as the economy heads downward, the canned meat bucks the cycle and enjoys sales increases.

    During the down economy, marketers are experimenting with various tactics to entice consumers to buy. Cars come with free or cut rate gas; buy a gift card for a friend, and get one free for yourself; the supermarket is chock full of 2 for 1 specials each week.

    Excluding the supermarket two for ones, choose a product and marketing campaign that targets buyers in a down economy. Discuss the effectiveness of the campaign and how you might improve upon it. Be sure to include your thoughts on competition and differentiation.

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    //In this section, the idea for a marketing campaign in a down economy will be discussed in detail. A soft-drink product (Agile Sip) will be selected for the given situation in this paper. Chiefly, direct marketing (online marketing campaign) will be discussed, which will solve the purpose of the paper. //

    Idea for a marketing campaign in a down economy:

    In the given scenario, situation is concerned with inflation in the United State, along with the increasing unemployment rate and increasing gas prices. Product, which is related with beverages category, can be taken for this paper. It is significant to note that even at the time of down-economy Agile Sip (a hypothetical company) has introduced some tempting schemes to the customers. The company has adopted some sales promotion activities. These sales promotion activities include direct marketing, such as online market campaigning. It is also noticeable that online marketing campaigning does not incur much cost to the company. It comes in an easier manner of campaigning (Silverstein, 2002).

    It is relevant to acknowledge that, in the current scenario, all the things have become digitalized. Most of the people access net almost every day. Therefore, effective techniques and technologies have also been brought by Agile Sip Company, so that the company can meet its desired output and profit. It is pertinent to mention ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 792 words with references.