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Marketing Campaign for a Two Wheeler

Excluding the supermarket two for ones, choose a product and marketing campaign that targets buyers in a down economy. Discuss the effectiveness of the campaign and how you might improve upon it. Be sure to include your thoughts on competition and differentiation. (3 paragraphs total for the post)

Select two of your classmates' posts and reply to each with your opinion of the effectiveness of the campaign. If you deemed it to be successful, analyze how it entices consumers. On the other hand, if it fell flat in your mind; explore the reasons.

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Marketing Campaign for a Two Wheeler in Down Economy

Down economy is a tightening phase of the trade cycle. This situation of economy exhibits a considerable turn down in the economic activity, gross domestic production, real earning, employment and the industrial production of a country. This situation of down economy may be due to the falling prices or stridently rising prices. This situation of the economy affects the sale of all the products produced by different manufacturers in the country. A producer has to keep in mind the various tools which he can use to increase the sales of the product in the situation of downward economy (Kennon, 2008).

A company of two wheeler products needs to establish fan appropriate marketing campaign in a condition when ...

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