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Identifying media neutral advertising

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Identify what "media-neutral" advertising is that is used in various forms of media without modifications. I cannot think of a product or services that utilizes this approach.

Choose a product to advertise both in print and on TV. I need to discuss the differences between the way I approach each advertising attempt. I am wondering if the product that I advertise would dictate the best form of advertisement.

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Hi: Media neutral advertising recognizes that consumers are impacted by a wide range of influences and it is no longer sufficient to simply advertise via television, or print, or radio, or internet. You now want to connect in a more meaningful way, an experiences per se, with the consumer. Here is a good link: http://www.apg.org.uk/publications/medianeutralarticles/mnp2_cliftonanthony.cfm

It was written by an ad agency. I have also attached a very good article describing media neutral campaigns, giving examples, and instructing the pharmacy industry to utilize this approach.

Here is a product that makes me think of media neutral: Apple Ipad. It is advertised on t.v., in magazines (get Sports Illustrated even better with an iPad), and through the internet. In addition, ...

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This solution identifies media neutral advertising, including outlining the differences in advertising in both print and on TV, and considering the how the type of product that might influence the best form of advertisement.

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