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Customer Satisfaction - What Do Customers Want?

Phillip Kotler says today customers seek more than a low price, good service, and products and services - what they really desire is an EXPERIENCE.

Please assess Kotler's premise. Do you agree or disagree? Is effective marketing today about "Making It an Experience" for customers? If so, what constitutes such an experience? Who seems to recognize this? Who doesn't? Is there a price for failing to recognize it?

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I definitely agree with Kotler's premise that customers are looking for more than just good service, a low price, and products and services in today's economy. I believe that this is especially true for affluent clients, who have a lot of companies competing for their money. An "experience" consists of not just the actual products or services obtained, but also includes things such as a personal relationship with the person providing those goods, "extras" that make customers feel special and like they are "number one" and unique features which are not available elsewhere.

For example, in the financial services industry, a number of inexpensive trading sites are available online. A customer who wants only the good price and product can ...