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Create IMC campaign

Using the internet, sales promotion and public relations, create an IMC campaign which will increase the sale of Dr. Pepper.

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Q.4 I will discuss each IMC tool individually:
Sales Promotions: With the goal to increase sales, a promotion is a nice way to start an IMC campaign. Dr. Pepper always positioned itself as an alternative to Coke or Pepsi - a refreshing, different drink. Sales promotion would help increase the sales of Dr. Pepper by reminding consumers that there is an alternative to its boring competitors. Dr. Pepper could implement traditional promotional tools such as sending coupons to consumers directly, having coupons in store, offering samples in stores, malls, clubs, sweepstakes, contests, internet promotions, etc... Given the goal of increasing sales, Dr. Pepper might have to consider implementing a mixture of all of these various tools to target different audiences. For example, by offering coupons in the grocery store, only consumers who were going towards the drink aisle would capitalize on the rebates, but if coupons are sent directly to consumers (through public-sac for example) then a larger proportion of people will be exposed to the coupons. Dr. Pepper should offer a sample of their drink - either as a taste test experience, or as a "Dr. Pepper Party." This will also increase consumer's awareness of Dr. Pepper, and will increase the likelihood ...