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    Consumer Behavior and marketing strategies

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    1. PETA is a great example of using an understanding of consumer behavior to cause desired behavior (or at least desired by PETA). But I am confused at this organization. I understand they are a cause-related group but what behaviors are they looking for?

    2. Over the past 5-10 years there has been the increase of Hispanic consumers in the Arizona market. What influences does this bring? What cultural differences might need to be understood? What other demographic or subculture changes do you see impacting your region or industry?

    3. As family has been called the most influential primary reference group, can you think of a buying experience that proved this in your own family - I don't understand?

    4. There is a continuing debate over the extent to which marketing strategies should be standardized across cultures? What does your research and other examples guide you to believe?

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    Hi there,
    <br>1. PETA is looking for people that are passionate about the rights of animals. They are looking for people that respond either negatively or positively to strong visual cues (ie. a demonstration/protest over the use of an animal to sell a product).
    <br>2. An increase in Hispanic consumers brings a different flavor to the market. What influences does this bring? Well, for example, the majority of Hispanics are Christian, so they would respond more positively to items that are aligned with Christianity. As far as food is ...