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    Basic Components of Avertising & PR Campaign Process

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    Write a proposal to the Project Director, explaining the four basic components of your advertising and public relations campaign process. Describe what decisions you will make at each stage of the process and state your action plan to complete the stages.

    What are the four basic components?

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    Nine FAQ's - http://www.artsmarketing.org/faqs/faqs-view.cfm?category=Basic+Marketing

    ***IMPORTANT*** http://www.ondemandjournal.com/specialfeatures/pellow34.cfm - All four of these key components must be given careful consideration because each can affect whether you fail or succeed in your marketing efforts.

    1. Identification of the right target market
    2. Development and delivery of product and service offerings that meet customer needs
    3. The message: a clear articulation of the value proposition
    4. Effective selection of media to reach the target audience

    ***IMPORTANT*** ...

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