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Safelite Auto Glass: Target Market for Marketing Plan

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Based on the information below identify who the target market is for the new product for a company called Safelite Auto Glass.

The company being used for the marketing plan is Safelite Auto Glass. The product is Transition Auto Glass (TAG) a product that will act as transition lenses do in glasses only for automobiles. Safelite is one of the leaders in auto glass repair and replacement and is the most recommended and preferred by auto insurance companies.

The product we are marketing is a new type of auto glass that works like transition lenses do with eyeglasses. We call it Transition Auto Glass. When the car is in the sunlight, the windows will get darker to protect the passengers from the sun's glare. When it is night, or the car is not in the sun, (cloudy, foggy or in shade) the windows will go back to normal so as to not restrict view. The product will also protect passengers from the sun's UV rays 100% of the time, even when the tint is not apparent.

There are also variations on how dark the glass will get, for personal preference and for remaining compliant with state laws. By law, front windshields cannot have any tint except for a strip across the top of the glass. Also, front door windows have to be lighter shade than back windows and back glass, so those will be made to only tint as far as regulations will allow. Back windows and glass will tint much further.

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Target market is who would be interested in your product. The reason we segment our population into people who would interested in the product is to better direct our advertising expenditure to these individuals.

This is a revolutionary product that might be very useful to many different people.

1) Our first target would be people who wear glasses. Normally, those who wear ...

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