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I would like you to Develop a 100-word definition of high-design manufactured homes.

In addition, provide the names of three firms that are active in the high-design manufactured homes market segment. Describe their major projects and identify the scope, size, and financial performance of these firms.

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//The given discussion is based on 'High Design Manufactured Homes' and about the three firms that are active in the same field. In this series, prior to describe about the three firms, which are dealing in this field, in the first section of the discussion, the meaning of the high design manufactured homes is given in detail.//

High-design Manufactured Homes: A high-design manufactured home is that home which comprises of the high technology products in the various parts of home. Such types of homes are manufactured, so as to make them attractive and different from others. Innovation and advances in the technology make things more comfortable while doing home decor like high-tech home theaters, kitchens and appliances (such as microwaves, six-part toaster), security systems, washer-dryer-iron 'in one', plasma screen fireplace, digital plants, intangible massage chair, 'air' shower etc. Consumers demand such high-design homes in their existing homes as well as at their new constructions. Such high-design or high-tech homes would become a custom for the generations who are growing in the world of computer.

//After having a good understanding of the meaning of the high design manufactured homes, in the next section of the discussion paper, the firms dealing in this filed are explained. The explanation is including the introduction and process of the three firms. //

Three firms that are active in the High-design Manufactured Homes are as follows-

Bridge Housing Corporation: In California, Bridge Housing Corporation is considered to be the leading affordable housing developer company. So far, the company has ...

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