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Marketing Plan for Recruitment Center

I need help in developing a marketing plan for a recruitment center. The target audience are Vets - this market is not really tapped into and I believe this is a valuable resource. I need to include a few point on:
- Market growth
- Potential competition
- Product offering and product definition

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• Market growth
The main objective in developing a successful marketing plan for a recruitment center is the targeted audience within the timeframe that renders great results. Therefore, the market research should entail several ways to attract and sustain the targeted audience attention for participating in the recruitment program initiatives. In doing so, the targeted Vets can entail consistency in broadcasting core attributes that features beneficial incentives to serving their needs as well as the organizations. Thus, the core attributes should reflect the following within the marketing initiative proposal and the execution plan of action:
a. Experience recruitment advisers and counselors to facilitate the transition to civilian life working in the business world environment.
b. Career advisers that have direct contact and connections with the business industry ...

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