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Development of an in-depth market research study

Your company is considering marketing a low cost laptop computer that can be used by home users to access the Internet and run basic programs, such as word processing, tax computations and simple spreadsheets. The marketing department has an excellent database of previous customers which includes many of their email addresses.

1) Develop an email survey consisting of approximately TEN QUESTIONS that will help the department to target the demographic groups that would be most likely to purchase the product.

2) What sort of demographic information would the marketing department find useful?

3) Decide on which areas to address in the survey.

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I am a market researcher by profession, so I will help you develop a survey that follows many best practices.

Firstly, I will address demographics. Usually demos are asked at the end. People feel better answering those type of personal questions at the end of the survey, since they feel like they are not divulging too much of their person life. It is a must however, to put an option "refuse/do not know" in all demos - the respondent has the right not to answer any of these questions.

Some typical demos include:
language spoken at home
education level
how many people live in the house
family situation (i.e roommates, spouse/partner, family with children, single parent...)
How many children in the house (if applicable).

Demos are really important for this type of study, since the client would want to dissect the population by age or income for example. Perhaps people with a higher income, or younger people are more likely to purchase a lap top. So once the data is collected, you could isolate all respondents who have an income of 100,000 or above ...

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This posting will look in-depth into the development of a market research survey. It explains demographics, different research methodologies, and step-by-step development of relevant and pertinent questions to include in the research.