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Dashboard Reporting for Executives

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Research at least five areas of publicly available information (such as the Dow Jones or top search engine results) that help to establish the health and public image of a company. Propose a web-based information system that will interface with this information (for example via RSS feed) and display current details on these areas to an executive; include in your description how each item is relevant to the health of the business. The information presented on the output screen should be succinct and light on technical detail. Business abbreviations (such as stocks) are perfectly acceptable as raw data. Ideally, these categories would all be visible on a single monitor screen without scrolling (if they are articles, then just the headline as a clickable link would be sufficient). Suggest at least two ways in which this system might be useful.

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The five areas of publicly available information that help to establish the health and public image of a company include:

1) Stock related information of publicly traded entities such as stock price, market share, volume of shares being traded, comparison charts with benchmarks such as S&P 500, industry peers, etc. This data can be pulled from sources such as Google or Yahoo finance websites and can provide brief, clear snapshot of the current details of publicly ...

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This solution provides an overview of the important information to be included in a dashboard or information system for executives of an organization.

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