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    Pricing Comparison for Mobile Phones

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    Please download the attached file and complete the table and the questions in Microsoft Word. Please note the requirement is to compare 3 different products by three different manufacturers which are reasonable substitutes for each other. The pricing for all three should be obtained from the same source, not three different distribution sources. The rationale for this requirement is that different distributors have different pricing approaches for products they resell which make it harder to compare product pricing. Costco and Bet Buy sell the same products by the same manufacturer but have different indirect costs and supply chain pricing approaches. Although this cannot be totally eliminated as different manufacturers can have different deals with different distributors, offering one a better wholesale price than another, it does help to eliminate some of the differences in price which are related not to the product but who is selling it which complicates the comparison.

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    PROC 5870 - PRICING Student's Name:______________________

    PRICING Research Report - Market Research (50 Points)

    For this assignment you are to compare three different product offerings to meet a given requirement. For this exercise you should not compare the same product at three different places but rather compare three different product offers. For example if you are looking for a blender you might compare a blender made by Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid and Warring. You are not to compare a Cuisinart blender at three different places or three different Cuisinart blenders. You are conducting research on the marketplace, in my example, of blender manufacturers to find out how they could meet your needs. The research will be the most valuable if you select something your really are interested in buying and would spend time researching.

    Indicate the budget you are working with...do not say "unlimited".

    To be valuable, the exercise should compare products which are reasonable substitutes for each other and competing in the same segment of the market. Using the blender example you would not compare a Vitamix at $500 to a Magic Bullet at $59.

    In the column marked "requirements" a. through e,. indicate what you need the product to "be or do". Be sure you set performance-based requirements. For example for a blender it might be a functional performance ...

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