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    Market Strategy & Retail Trends

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    Aaker, D. A. (2011). Strategic Market Management, (9 ed). Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.
    Read "Trends in Retailing" on pages 111-112 in the course text.

    Search for recent articles that give examples of these trends in the retail industry.

    Search for recent articles describing the trends discussed on pages 111 and 112:

    1. For each of five of the eight trends listed, find a recent article that discusses a business and describes how it has adopted this strategy.

    2. Discuss each of the five articles describing how the trend impacts the strategic marketing initiative of the firms. Consider the For Discussion questions on page 115 in preparing your response.

    3. Cite the source and the edition that you have referred to for this assignment.

    Deliverables and format:
    Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document in not more than 400 words.

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    Major automobile companies are now offering a great deal more luxury models. Aaker (2011) describes of companies moving away from the middle in order to offer a more upscale experience. BMW - introducing 100 new models and versions- must remove sales cubicles in dealers to make more room, and is offering centralized fleets so shoppers can test drive cars because there are too many luxury variations for dealers to stock. Other strategic marketing changes cited include adding flat-screen displays to dealers to help consumers understand the different models.
    Aaker (2011) suggests customers are looking for a better experience when shopping. He noted the trend towards "lifestyle centers" incorporating a combination of retailers for a shopping experience. Best Buy stores feature Samsung "experience" stores within their own stores. Adding different retailers within a larger box store creates a need to coordinate and plan ...

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    This solution provides articles to support five of the trends Aaker cites in "Strategic Market Management" and the impact on the firms mentioned. Includes APA formatted references.