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Team Management Scenarios

By looking for perfection, do you take roles away from other team members because they are not holding up their end of the work to your standards? How do you handle a situation if something unexpected arises?

I am someone you'd probably rather not work with. I do not always give the impression of organization. I know what I am going to do, and when it needs to be done--but it is not in an orderly manner for others if they were to look at it. I know my organization or multi-tasking skills and am confident in them.

Besides probably going crazy, how would you handle working with someone like me?

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As a perfectionist, I would expect that you could at the minimum provide some type of timeline of your process. While I do not understand the element of disorganization, if you could be somewhat specific in your work details, I could then apply some consideration to your methods. However, if you do not, then I might request you to do so, in a manner that is clear and applicable to the tasks assigned. I would expect to see some ...

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Team management scenarios are examined for multi-tasking skills.