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Effective Classroom Management

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I need help with coming up with an effective instructional and classroom management plan

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Age, culture, socioeconomic and related issues are important variables, when it comes to classroom management. But all students want to know the same thing. First, what do they have to do, what are their options and what happens if they fail to follow classroom, school, district and state rules or laws. In the former, the instructor has to decide WHO decides (teacher, student, team or other) and what sort of style he/she has.

Delegative or Free Reign

If the teacher opts to involve the class in rule-making, more often they will understand the rules and consequences better. For younger children, the teacher may have found, over time ,that some rules work really well for the good of the whole for her and for the class and cleverly steer the group in that direction in developing the list. However, it should be ...

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Understanding the unique demographics of a region and generic successful classroom techniques is discussion for a well run classroom.

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