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Market's readiness stage

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Why does the marketer need to know the target market's readiness stage? Give an example of an ad targeting each stage.

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This is a very interesting question. It is critical to know the target market's readiness stage to know if they are actually 'read' to purchase a product or service. At any time, people are in different stages: unaware, aware, informed, interested, predisposed to buying, and intending to buy.

For example, let's say that you are selling life insurance. You know technically that any person who is married with a family, or who is over the age of 50 should in fact get life insurance. However, this target market may not be ready to commit and to purchase the product.

At first they might be unaware that they need to actually purchase the product. Then it is the marketers job to teach them the necessity of purchasing the product for the sake of their family. Now they are aware, ...

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This posting looks at the readiness stage of a product from: unaware, aware, informed, interested, predisposed to buying, intending to buy.

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