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    Technology improving global Logistics

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    For this case you should really try to have some fun with the readings and additional research to discuss all the wonderful progress going on with respect to technology advances and how they improve the efficiency of global logistics. After you have read all the background articles and other more up-to-date references, write a 3-4 page paper discussing the following topic:

    How can technology improve the management of global logistics?

    This article looks at some of the challenges of trying to read hidden bar codes and what is being done to improve this capability:

    Albright, Brian, 2002, New technology reads 'hidden' bar codes. Frontline Solutions,3(12):47-49.


    Here is an article that discusses staying connected by wireless technology and how it is being used in logistics. It gets a little technical near the end but it gives you a good idea of how this technology can by used.

    Teschler, Leland, 2002, Networks in motion. Machine Design, 74(21):58-60.


    Here is a good article that gives you an idea of how wireless technology is benefiting the trucking industry:

    McCarthy, Jack, 2002, The wireless road taken. InfoWorld, 24(47): 38-40.


    This article should be particularly helpful for the case assignment:

    Cross, C. S., (2007). Everything but the kitchen. Industrial Engineer, Norcross, 39(4), 32-38.


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    I reviewed the websites you listed. The question for the 3-4 page assignment is:

    How can technology improve the management of global logistics?

    First, you may want to review the information at the following website: http://www.scdigest.com/assets/Reps/SCDigest_Global_Logistics_Excellence.pdf. This has a lot of information that you can reference for your paper.

    As far as other information aside from the websites the class provided you to research, my experience in the retail environment revealed a place for the retail company and the vendors to be able to communicate ...

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    Describes and references sites as to how technology improves the management of global logistics