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Management Information Systems: Ethics of downloading music without paying for it

The RIAA asserts that downloading copyrighted music on the Internet without paying for it is stealing, but lots of people are doing it. Is this ethical? Why or why not? If this is not ethical, why are so many people doing it?

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RIAA, or the Recording Industry Association of America, states that downloading music, which has been copyrighted, from the Internet without making a payment, is regarded as theft. However, as a large number of people all over the world still indulge in it, this poses a question as to whether such illegal downloading is ethical or not. The answer to ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in about 224 words with references. In this response, it is discussed whether downloading copyrighted music over the Internet without paying anything is ethical or not. It has also been discussed whether the fact that a large number of people indulge in such illegal activities makes it ethical or not. Reference is provided to further student learning.