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    Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues for iTunes

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    What are any legal, ethical and regulatory issues that Apple.com/iTunes needs to take care of? How does Apple/iTunes handle issues regarding security, confidentiality, and international problems?

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    Various ethical, legal and regulatory issues influence the activities conducted over the internet in a variety of ways and has a serious impact on the way business is conducted by e-businesses. Apple.com/it=Tunes, being a e-business, has to face various issues as described below:

    One of the most important issue in this regard is that of security of consumers in terms of transactions conducted over the web as well as the information provided to the businesses over the web. This is an ethical as well as legal issue in the sense that is not only a legal crime on part of the e-businesses or portals to provide loose security in terms of conducting online transaction by ignoring various security aspects and using sub-standard technologies, thereby leading to theft of confidential financial and other information, but is also ethically wrong to provide such an unsecured platform to the consumers to conduct business and risk their money in order to save some money. Companies which do not maintain highest standards in terms of security of transaction are not only legally liable to pay demurrages to consumers in the case of loss of information ...

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