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IT Department Objectives and Goals

I will set up an Aerobic Center for teenagers and I need to set a objectives for some departments. The question is what are the objectives and goals of the IT department for this business. Also, I will design a website for this business I need the objectives and goals for it.
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All businesses need to set objectives for themselves or for the products or services they are launching. What does your company, product or service hope to achieve?

Setting objectives are important., it focuses the company on specific aims over a period of time and can motivate staff to meet the objectives set.

A simple acronym used to set objectives is called SMART objectives. SMART stands for:

1. Specific - Objectives should specify what they want to achieve.
2. Measurable - You should be able to measure whether you are meeting the objectives or not.
3. Achievable - Are the objectives you set, achievable and attainable?
4. Realistic - Can you realistically achieve the objectives with the resources you have?
5. Time - When do you want to achieve the set objectives?

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Dear Student:

I have listed some SMART objectives for the IT department including the website. Best of luck on your studies!



Provide internet connectivity for internal network by Dec 1
Wire internal network connections between phone closet and all workstations by Nov 15
Purchase and install wireless ...

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