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    Quality Control Tools

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    The quality manager has just conducted an audit at the facility. The condition of the maintenance shop has raised great concern. The shop is filthy with clutter everywhere. In his report, he noted that tools are scattered through the shop area, old parts are stacked all around the walls, and walking conditions are hindered. The auditor almost tripped walking through the area. These are just a few of the examples. Numerous complaints come in that they cannot find the tools and parts needed to do the work. The supervisor of a maintenance shop has been directed to use lean manufacturing to clean up the area. He has heard of Kanban and "5S". The auditor said to choose a lean approach that would increase efficiency and even improve safety. He (the supervisor of the shop) has actually has no idea of how to accomplish this. He must begin to research and learn the topic, and teach the 5s concept to his coworkers.

    - What are Kanban and 5S?
    - What are their origins?
    - Which one can best accomplish the tasks the auditor suggests?
    - How does the approach you selected do this?
    - How do you believe this should be accomplished this in his shop?

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    Kanban is a visual system that aids in lean manufacturing and enables a firm to achieve just-in-time manufacturing processes. For example, in a lean manufacturing environment, parts for a machine being built may be stored in plastic bins. When these parts get below a critical inventory level, a visual alert system such as a yellow card or a red light may be put in front of the bin to indicate to a parts provider that more of that part are needed.

    The 5s system is a system for organizing and maintaining organization in a department by having a place for everything, and having everything in its place. The five Essex are Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

    Both kanban and 5s take roots in Japan, ...

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