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I need some help answering the questions below, the case study is attached:
1. Evaluate the entire selection process for the position. Judge whether mistakes were made and discuss what could have been done differently.
2. Compare and contrast Joe's, Jane's and Matt's candidacy based on what you know about them. If you are the hiring manager and the final decision were yours to make, whom would you hire? Provide a persuasive rationale for your choice.
3. If you were advising each of the three final candidates for the position before the interview and before the offer was made to Joe, explain what you would advise each of them to do. Speculate about what you would say to each of them after the offer was made to Joe.
4. Based on what you know about George Montgomery, assess his management style and describe what bearing it may have had on his selection of Joe.
5. If you were Joe,the selected candidate, propose what you would do to ease any ill feelings with Jane or Mat

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I have outlined a response, using the supplied information. I am very concerned that the case study did not include information that is necessary for answering the second part of the five questions. It almost makes it seem like a "trick" question. If you have any further questions, please ask.

1. The process is good and covered a great number of the areas the candidates would have to function under and with. The major mistake I see is the singular role play that only focused on one area of the position, in the case presented, handling of employees. There should have been more than one, at least two, that would show how the candidate would handle an employee ...

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The solution provides an assessment, based on questions supplied, of a case study about the promotion of individuals to marketing director.