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    Union Analysis Based on the Movie "Hoffa"

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    This discussion is on Hoffa. Write a summary of the movie and provide analysis please, including:
    • What are the workers' working conditions?
    • What do workers hope to achieve by gaining union representation?
    • What is the union representation process?
    • Should the company attempt to avoid unionization? How would they lawfully go about doing so? What does management need to change in order to create job satisfaction?

    Please provide any references that are used.

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    Hoffa is a spokesperson for the Teamsters Union, in Act One; he stirs up controversy to persuade employees to go on strike because employees receive low wages for excessive and strenuous labor. Hoffa believes that he as a Teamster representative has a right to Collective Bargaining under the law, for this reason Hoffa was compelled to prolong a union strike until the needs of the workers are fulfilled.

    1.What are the workers' working conditions
    i. Hard manual labor. I would assume the working conditions are within the earlier stages of logistics.
    ii. Hoffa made a few references to insinuate that if a driver's truck breaks down while he is making deliveries, the driver is liable for any damages. This statement illustrates to the viewer why union representation is necessary.

    2. What do workers hope to achieve by gaining union representation
    i. Fair labor practices, higher wages, and unity among employees and upper management.

    3. What is the union representation process?
    This is what I've gathered from the movie:
    i. Rally-campaign against unfair labor practices. In other words union representatives wage war on organizations, they expose the organization's unfair corporate policies.
    ii.Recruit-garner consensus by gathering enough discontent employees who agree with unionized position and disagree with an organization's unfair practices. For example, public transportation department in Nevada (Gibson, 2002; 2010) and California (Leff and Cone, 2013) went on strike as a result of low wages, unfair business practices, and sometimes, mandatory overtime. The same situation occurred with Wal-Mart when a news report states that workers did not earn enough to support their families and was forced to work more than one job just to make ends meet (McVeigh, 2013). Many loyal and devoted workers were overlooked for managerial promotions, a promotion which would enable an employee to earn more money to support their families.
    iii. Negotiate-terms of a proposed agreement, such as wage increases, benefits packages, etc. This stage also informs opposing parties of what strategy to employ in order to end the strike.
    iv. Organize ...

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    This problem solution is a brief assessment of the movie "Hoffa," in regard to labor unions. As you read this document you will discover if organizations should avoid unionization and identify measures management should employ to prevent future union infiltration within private or public sector organizations.