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Sales Leadership

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How has the internet affected your own buying behaviors? Given the effects that the Internet has had on individuals' buying behaviors, how do you think that sales people's jobs have changed? How should sales managers manage these changes?

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1,008 words; the effect of the Internet on buying behaviors of consumers

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The rapid advancement in technology resulting to the emergence of the Internet has greatly affected our lifestyle. It has made purchasing products so much easier and faster. There is no need to get out of the house and physically go to the store to choose and pay for the needed items. You just have to search and browse, pick and click, and voila! Your chosen item is already on the way. It really saves time to buy online.
Many websites offer information to make consumers compare prices from different vendors and this is a very good feature that many are enjoying right now. Another good thing is that a consumer can look at an entire warehouse of products so there are more choices to select from. The consumers can make informed decisions because consumers post their reviews on certain products.
The Internet has allowed me to buy items 24/7 and this is good. Most companies allow us to reach them if we have problems with their products or if we need assistance and support. This assures us of continued service even after we have purchased the product. I would be confident that anytime, I can air out my problems and have the chance of being responded right away.
There are many benefits of buying through the Internet but just like any transaction, there are also disadvantages. A few of them are privacy, security, ...

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