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Project Management Leadership: Situation Analysis

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When we talk about groups within any organization, do you think leaders should be assigned before a project begins or should leaders emerge once the project is underway? Are there +'s and/or -'s to this approach? why or why not? Also, is there a specific type of group that uses this approach? If so, why or why not?

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It is very important that a project manager (PM) thoroughly understands what he or she is expected to achieve for the project and that he or she is capable of doing the job. It isn't hard to find and hire experienced PMs but some things need to be considered when hiring the right PM for the project. A PM must be hired for the right reasons or expectations so that he or she can be successful in delivering value and results. Oftentimes, management doesn't have a good idea of what goes on in project management to give them enough idea to find the right PM.

If the organization wants to hire the best PM for the project, management and concerned key personnel should meet and conduct a situation analysis of the proposed project that is brought about by a certain issue or concern. Situation analysis involves activities such as discovering existing internal information that are will be helpful for the upcoming project; conducting internal assessments by uncovering data in terms of performance, financial viability, capacity, adaptability, accountability, and compliance; ...

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This solution describes situation analysis as applied to project management particularly in hiring of project manager and factors to be considered on when to hire a PM (before the project starts or during the implementation of the project).

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Situational Analysis/Planning - Project Stakeholders

This project management plan describes an effective and efficient means by which to implement and or improve the telecommunications capabilities of this organization. This will include a telecommunications project manager as well as key assistant that will be able to help to develop and implement a telecommunications system that will exponentially increase this organization's communications capabilities via a variety of differing electronic communications components or equipment. This will also describe the tasks that are required to meet the needs of the client and the organization.
Situational Analysis/Planning: The first task that will be required will be for the project manager to confer with organizational leadership in order to ascertain the specific telecommunications needs of the organization, as well as what kinds of telecommunications equipment will be most feasible to utilize within this organization. This will also require that the project manager plan coordinate with organizational leadership and staff members in order to be able to complete the telecommunications implementation plan without detrimentally affecting organizational operations. This will also include determining project operational costs, the time that it would take to complete the project, as well as the number of project team members that would be needed in order to complete this project effectively.
Define Mission/Objectives: This task will require the project manager to define the exact objective of the project, which is the implementation and or improvement of the telecommuters capability of the organization. The scope of this project will be organization wide as well.
Execution: The next task will be the development of the execution methodology, which will entail the establishment of a project team chain of command, the departmentalization and specialization within the project team, establishing budgetary parameters, working within budgetary could parameters, establishing what supplies will be needed, and utilizing the supplies in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This will also include the establishment of a project team standard operating procedure, so that different aspects of the telecommunications implementation are carried out in a coordinated manner utilizing the proper team specialists and technicians.
Support personnel: This task or component of the project management plan will require that the project manager select a team of the most highly qualified telecommunications specialists possible, as well as to gain support from organizational staff members in providing pertinent feedback as to how this implementation should be carried out effectively. The support personnel should also include individuals from outside agencies that have expertise in telecommunications and/or project management, which will be very helpful in helping the project team to complete this task.
Command/Communications: This task will include the project manager establishing a reliable communications methodology within the team, which will include telephone communications e-mails, hands on supervision, teleconferencing, as well as hand held walkie-talkies etc. This will also include maintaining communications with organizational leadership via telephone, e-mail, teleconferencing, and face-to-face meetings.

Based on my project plan above.

Defining the Stakeholders, What would be your selection criteria, I.d the stakeholders involved in this project. List the groups of stakeholders and define each group. Identify any specific characteristics of each stakeholder group in terms of their connection to the project. As the project manager, what features of each group do you need to be aware of? 200 words

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