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    Models of Organizational Change and Transformation

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    Analyze the Medicaid Case Study using the McKinsey 7S Model and prepare a 4-5 page paper on the following questions below.

    1) What limitations does the model have (if any), and how did they manifest in this particular situation?

    2) What should be done to ensure that when using it they do not impact your analysis / change project?

    Required Reading: Isett, K. R., Glied, S. A., Sparer, M. S., & Brown, L. D. (2013). When Change Becomes Transformation. Public Management Review, 15(1), 1-17. doi:10.1080/14719037.2012.686230

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    1) What limitations does the model have (if any), and how did they manifest in this particular situation?

    Consider the main limitations are within the flow of communication model to detect the appropriate needed changes in any large or small project. Case in point, you should Take a look at reference page 7 and page 9, in which, the noted areas indicate some limitations to regards for possible project change over the course of the estimated project objective. For instance, the special notation in your final written up should include the possibly to limitations that might restrict the flow communication during the project active mode. Keep in mind, the following in the finally analysis:

    - The core research documentation was framed and confined to represent a model of change based on a more iterative process. By doing so, the focus should reflect a more theoretically way to measures and identify limitations of the model might have and manifest for that situation, that resulted in limited data from any agency to supplying the needed data results.

    - Focus on manifestation in managing the limitations on the basis that the data untied served to indicate any changes associated with the project as a supplement approach for qualitative data analysis. Keep note the Model Offices prior indicated in the case study ...

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