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Leadership: Motivating Employees

• Why might bosses also need praise? What potential benefits can come for the boss and the employee from this type of praise?

• What role does verbal recognition play in motivating employees? How do you make your verbal recognition powerful and how do you maintain it? Support your answer with motivation theories.

• How might fear affect innovation and productivity in organizations? Describe a situation when fear had an effect on you in your workplace. What could you have done to overcome the fear?

• Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Employees should check their problems at the door? State your reasoning and provide examples from your current or past employment experiences.

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Bosses also need praise due to the fact that they are human beings, and have that human desire to feel appreciated, as well as important. The boss can benefit from this type of praise, due to the fact that they would feel that their efforts are appreciated, and will be motivated to continue to produce outstanding work. Employees can benefit from this type of praise, due to the fact that they will also feel that they are important and appreciated, and likewise continue a high level of productivity, in order to continue to ...

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This solution describes key methods in motivating employees.