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Hewlett-packard case study

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See attached file for the questions based on the Hewitt-Packard Company Case study.

1. Recommend a leadership style or combination of initiating structure and consideration the CEO should adopt to address the problems of distrust and declining morale. Explain your answer.

2. After having examined all of the issues facing HP, recommend whether the CEO should focus on the approach to the current strategy or on implementation and execution. Explain your decision.

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The employees at Hewlett-Packard seemed misinformed and some acquired low morale while under the authority of Carly Fiorina. In order for Hurd to boost morale, he will need to make employees feel more valuable, as if the work they do matters to the company. One way to achieve this would be to implement a mixture of several leadership styles, including the one that Fiorina used. The excerpt did not mention if Hurd's background was sufficient enough to handle his new position; therefore, we do not know if any of ...

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The author recommends a leadership style for HP and explains why it is the best choice. In addition, the author explains whether the CEO of HP should focus on the current approach or on implementation and execution and why.

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