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Compare and contrast the five elements of toxic leadership

Compare and contrast the five elements of toxic leadership and how they may manifest in a toxic leader and a nontoxic leader.

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I will answer this by listing and describing Padilla' five elements of Toxic Leadership:

1. "It exists along a continuum based on results, from mostly destructive to mostly constructive results, thereby underscoring that even bad leaders do some good and good leaders make some errors."

2. "It's associated with the interests of the leader rather than the objectives of the group."

3. "It eventually involves coercion and force since it's so focused on leader self-interest."

4. "It's principally manifested in the negative outcomes of the group when compared to the performance of rivals or competitors."

5. "It requires the involvement of susceptible followers and conducive environments."

Quotes above all came from-

To answer the question, this is what I came up with:

1. This one is one that can happen to any leader whether they are a toxic or non-toxic one. Some people may feel that President Obama may be following this path with our recent overuse of government spending to "help the environment at all costs" and to eliminate the Bush tax cuts ...

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The expert compares and contrasts the five elements of toxic leadership.