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    Characteristics of Leaders: Attributes described by Tichy

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    1. Analyze and explain how a leader with the attributes described by Tichy developed a team.
    2. Identify and describe the qualities of outstanding leaders or teachers.
    3. Identify and describe a situation in which the point of view of a leader or teacher changed significantly.
    4. Identify and describe a situation in which you were in the role of a leader or teacher and your point of view changed significantly.
    5. Analyze and describe how the two exercises fit into the idea of winning organizations being teaching organizations.
    6. Analyze and describe how the two exercises relate to the idea of making the best use of available skills and talent.

    Please cite all sources using subtitles for me to follow along for each question.

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    How Leaders with Tichy's Attributes Develop Teams:

    The leadership qualities that are held by these leaders are aimed at developing successful corporations that will attain their strategically set goals. They have the ability of constantly sensing the changes that are in the business environment. In the development of teams in the organization, the leaders will excite the rest of the team members to learn a lot from them. The personnel in the team will be taught on how to become effective leaders. This is based on the fact that by being great leaders in the organization, they will set higher goals in the corporation that will propel the operations of the company to success. In the team, the leader will reinvent the culture of the personnel team members so that their skills are based on action learning through all the team work that will be undertaken. Capacity will be developed in the organization due to the teaching vicious cycle that will be initiated by the leader in the team (Tichy, et all, 1997).

    Description of qualities of outstanding leaders or teachers:

    It is paramount to note that those leaders who are excellent in their undertakings are those who are teachers. This is the reason why the successful corporations encourage the development of those leaders who will be teachers to the rest of the personnel in the corporation. The leaders ought to be teachers to the personnel. The characteristics of the leaders as teachers is building of virtuous ...

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    The characteristics of leaders for attributes described by Tichy is examined.